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Exciting Time

Building a house is an exciting time for many people. It is an event that marks the commitment between two people and the beginning of their journey together. There are many steps, but it will all be worth it in the end.

Here are some steps to consider when building a house:

Find a contractor or builders who specialize in your final product

-Start looking at lots, get in contact with people selling lots, and find out what they need from you before they will sell –>

Write down any costs that may need to be taken care of before development can begin on these properties (i.e. sewage, water, road access, etc.)

Selling Lots

Talk to the people selling lots, they may want you to buy their lot while you are developing your property.

-Pick a builder to work with and start setting up plans/estimates.

-Get all utilities lines in place for the whole property (power, phone, water) before construction can begin on the lot that you have purchased. This will save you money by having connections available from day one.

Develop a budget

Develop a budget for your house or develop a schedule of events that will occur to make your house building happen (i.e. start planning for foundation/roofing prior to shoveling dirt or cutting trees).

-Set up a schedule for when your house will be completed (i.e. when all the garage/driveway work, footings/plates, wall and floor framing should be complete).


If your contractor/builders are asking you to pay 50% before they start demolition or clearing trees, again, get in touch with other people who previously sold lots and make sure that the utilities are in place prior to starting construction.

Before handing over funds to the builders or contractors for your lot, ensure that everything is ready for construction on your property. This may include ensuring that all roads are set up for access and power lines are already installed where needed.

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