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House Building

We should not neglect the fact that our house has an important role in the environment; for this reason we should all consider some of these aspects when designing it:


– Good insulation of buildings to prevent heat loss

– Air conditioning so that excessive temperatures are avoided during the summer months

– Healthy materials (e.g. wood, wood construction and other materials according to use) to avoid health problems

– Low impact on the environment – we should not pollute it.

Raise A Frame

There are several factors that influence the construction of new houses. The most important factors affecting the cost of the construction are:

  • The availability of land
  • The property tax that is paid depending on the value and type of building
  • The use (e.g. residential or commercial)
  • Structural materials needed for construction (e.g. bricks, glass, etc.)
  • Renovation of the building on the basis of its modification and rebuilding
  • If the new building can be outfitted with infrastructure (e.g. piping system or heating)


The location where a building is built affects the cost of construction materials and labor. Higher location costs may result from:


  • The use of transport to carry materials or make deliveries
  • A difficult or longer delivery route
  • The road conditions (nonpaved roads) due to weather conditions such as snow, ice and rain
  • The characteristics of the terrain, such as:
  • Coordinates, height above sea level (e.g. mountains), valleys, riverside land
  • Other infrastructure facilities (e.g. telecommunications)

Many Countries

In many countries, the cost of building a new house can be quite high; this is especially true in our country where the price per square meter is higher than wages and salaries of workers. In other countries, however, houses are much cheaper to build; this is true especially in united states and australia where labor costs are high compared to our country.

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